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NEW: 90 Degree Zero-Tangent Conveyor

REAL Engineering recently carried out the design, manufacture and installation of a 90 Degree Zero-Tangent Conveyor System.

The zero-tangent belting on the 90 Degree Belt Turns with plastic modular belting eliminate the need for a straight section of belt before and after the curve.

This new design allows for greater flexibility in process flow layouts and plants with limited floor space. The modular belt construction also improves reliability and performance over other radius belting solutions.

  • Compact footprint

  • Constant inner radius no matter the belt width

  • Eliminate the need for straight belt before and after the curve

  • Modular belt construction for improved reliability and performance

  • Lug-tooth style sprockets and positive drive system

  • Flat top construction eliminates catch points

  • Manages difficult to handle packages, heavier loads and higher speeds

If you would like to learn more about how this could benefit your business, please e-mail


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